A pretty epic puzzle

"2013 was the year of the Universe." That's what a friend told me during a perfect afternoon of goal setting, champagne, and chocolate. I did a quick scan of the past 12 months and realized she was right. Things fell into place with the satisfying click of puzzle pieces fitting together. That's not to say that my year was without sadness, confusion, or doubt. Because there was plenty of that (amiright?) 

And yet, when I found myself talking to a group of new friends the other night, I was blown away by their talent and kindness. We were writers, graphic designers, a record label director, and business owners- hugging and laughing over the unexpected reunion. Puzzle pieces.

All year the Universe has been nudging me, telling me I'm on the right path (and let me know when I was on the wrong one). I'm excited to see what's left of 2013, because a lot can happen by then!

I read this in The Fault in Our Stars and thought it was pretty perfect:  "Sometimes it seems the universe wants to be noticed." So what are you noticing today?