A loaded wink.

When did invoicing become exciting? That's what I'm asking myself now. The answer? When I'm doing it for myself. I'm sitting at my desk staring at my second humble invoice and feeling pride for what I'm doing. Not the nose-in-the-air pride, but the head-held-high-because-I've-worked-hard sort of pride. Do you feel this in what you do?

This is the very start of something big. My fingers are tingling from excitement, not the cold, and my eyes are very open to possibility. Thanks, in part, to the ever inspiring Amelia. She told us in class yesterday to "blow our own minds." What is possible? Anything. Believe in the possibility. Believe in your ability to surprise yourself.

Believing in yourself can sometimes feel like the biggest risk, right? Just me? It's okay, you don't have to answer. Just wink the next time you see me. And I'll wink back, a co-conspirator because I'll believe in you if you believe in me. And slowly we'll start to believe in ourselves more and more until the trickle of invoices becomes a steady stream of gratitude. 

Ya dig?