Make like a tree and shake it off

The leaves are changing! The leaves are changing! I realize this is old news for my East Coast friends. But in Austin it's officially fall. For real, we've had our last 90 degree day of the year and the colors of Autumn are turning up everywhere. My festive fall wreath is finally appropriate and it's time to start thinking of new sweaters for the dogs. Kidding. (No I'm not.) 

In my typical fashion, as soon as I realized fall is here, I started thinking about the holidays and then the new year. I love a good resolution i.e. sparkling new GOALS for 2014. And I'm here to tell ya, the work starts now if you really want to set yourself up for success after the bubbles and sparklers are gone.

saw this guy outside of the library yesterday

Trees all over the country are shaking off their fabulous old leaves so they can have a fresh restart after a delightful rest over the winter. In the season of gratitude and love, what can you shake off that isn't helping you? Is there a habit you want to kick, or something standing in the way of your biggest dream? Perhaps it's your own negative self talk that has you believing you can't get that job. Or your fear of failure keeping you from even starting a new project. Whatever it is, start to loosen the hold it has on you. 

  • Sign up for a class you're interested in (I'm on the wait-list for a watercolor class
  • Let's find some time to set your vision and goals for 2014
  • Clear the clutter from your home and make way for creative energy
  • Say "no" to something you don't want to do. No apologies, no excuses

What are you shaking off? And what are you making room for?