Strength in numbers

In 9 days I turn in the biggest project of my life so far. It's wonderful and painful at the same time. Wonderful because I'm so proud of it. Painful because I've poured all I am into it, and there is still more to do.  

This is also the most vulnerable I've been, which means that I'm getting stronger. Strong enough to work through the fear and write well past quittin' time. Strong enough to see where my work is... and then do the work. Strong enough to turn to my friends when I need just a little more strength to get through this. 

"I get by with the help of my friends" is the first part of my thesis title, a wonderful anthem, and a reminder that you're never really alone.

So friend, when you feel like laugh/crying in your closet (I've been there) remember that I'm here for you. We're going to create some really amazing things together!

A mural behind Vintage Heart Coffee in Austin, TX