Hello, Monday!

I realize that writing a post about working hard on a Friday may seem contradictory to the weekend's purpose. I also acknowledge that not everyone works on the weekend like I do.  

And now it's Monday! Another beginning for us, another chance to rock out our to-do list, and get one (or twenty) steps closer to our goals. I'm still riding high from last week, so I'm pretty stoked that it's Monday again. Last Wednesday I was able to lead a rad group of women as they set their visions for their 10-year selves.

We toasted to champagne-worthy goals (with champagne... of course), new friends, and getting together to celebrate ourselves. We even made vision boards to keep us motivated. Fellow Austin crafters: Craft. If you don't know, now you know. Seriously.

So here it is, friends: a brand new week. A chance to work hard at something you really want. What are you going for this week?