Fearless Friday: Work. Hard.

"Work hard." That's the advice I've been given by anyone I've ever admired. So I do. And sometimes, I just want to stop. Maybe it's too hard, or I'm bored, or I'd rather bury my face in a book that doesn't require simultaneous note taking. On Tuesday, Amanda at Dragonflight Dreams posted her weekly treasure trove of links, and there was a link to an article about staying focused when you're bored with the work it takes to accomplish a goal. Enticed, and obviously looking for something else to do, I clicked on it.

Do the work, the James Clear told me. And do it even when you don't want to.  

Really successful people feel the same boredom and the same lack of motivation that everyone else feels. They don’t have some magic pill that makes them feel ready and inspired every day. But the difference is that the people who stick with their goals don’t let their emotions determine their actions. Top performers still find a way to show up, to work through the boredom, and to embrace the daily practice that is required to achieve their goals.
— James Clear

It's not always going to be fun, and it's not always going to be glamourous. I know that I have many  terrible first drafts in my future, but I also know that I have the dedication to sit with each of them and work them into a beautiful final product. It's this mindset that keeps me going through the dark days. 

So what can you accomplish with this? Maybe finish teacher training, or get through a project you're nervous about completing.  At times will you feel out of balance or a little overwhelmed? Absolutely! But ask yourself, are your goals worth it? Because I think they are!